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Dear Parent/Guardian

SQA Exam Transport Arrangements

I am writing to explain that we have an issue that relates to the SQA exam two examinations that take place in May.

National 5 Mathematics – Friday 5th May – 12.45pm – 15.45pm
National 5 Geography – Friday 26th May -13.00pm – 14.45pm

The SQA write the exam timetable on the basis that it is for the whole of Scotland and therefore pay little notice to the shorter days in an asymmetric week. Where exams clash with these days we are unable to change the date of the exam and therefore provision has to be made to ensure that pupils can be examined as planned. Students can travel in to school on normal school transport and a room will be provided for study if they wish.

Despite the additional cost, it is the responsibility of SBC to provide transport for students who normally travel to school by bus. It is common for parents/students to make their own arrangements for transport on these days making it difficult for the school to get an accurate picture of what is required. To minimise the wasted costs of unnecessary transport it is helpful for us to know accurately how many candidates will need transport home on the day mentioned above and to this end would appreciate either a note or email letting the school office know if your child requires transport. Please email

Please note that once this arrangement is made no changes can occur as unused transport will still be charged to SBC.

There is no canteen service over lunchtime on a Friday (students who are in receipt of free school meals will be entitled to request a packed lunch and must order it at interval time). All other candidates must bring a packed lunch if they remain in school over lunchtime or order a Grab n Go lunch from the canteen before 10.50 am.

Yours faithfully
P Macklin
Depute Headteacher/SQA Co-ordinator

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